Recreation centre «Razna» - Rent point
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Fishing on the Lake "Razna"


Natural Park Razna

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For everyone, who likes active recreation

In summer season:

At ours place:

Rent services:

  • Katamaran, for four persons
  • Katamaran, for two persons
  • Water bicycle, for two persons
  • Ocean kayak, for two persons CABO
  • Ocean kayak, for one person CAPER
  • Kayak for three persons ALBA
  • Windsurfing completion
  • Boat PELLA mini
  • Bicycles ( for men, for woman, for children)
  • Sport inventory

As well as:

Beach, bathing-place
Beach volleyball place
Place for children playing
Fishing – inventory for fishing

Previous order , telephone number: 29994444

  • Underwater swimming with an aqualung and training with instructor;
  • Excursion over territory of Rázna lake, on horseback followed by guide-instructor (in groups till 5 persons);
  • Journey with horse-teams;
  • Ridden with a horses

Next to us:

In winter season

At ours place:

  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Fishing

Previous order , telephone number: 29994444

 A trip with a horse sledge;
 Skijoring – riding with skis right after horse sledge.

Next to us:
• Visitation of closest culture-historical and nature objects in territory of national park „Rāzna”