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   Stage of Sinicins family
 Stage of GOSSNAB
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 Stage of Holding company “Raznas priedes”

At the highest part of Latgale upland rustles Latgale see – Razna lake. Beautiful environment of this lake has conquered many hearts. History touching Razna Lake is ancient. From old times this lake was respected by latgalian kin, which has been lived here. They took from Razna Lake everything that it could give them for daily needs.

This lake is so motley. It can be calm and peaceful, sunny and warm like Gods hand, which has laid down the mirror on the middle of earth for Makonkalns and ancient Latgalia castle mountains to have fun for looking in that mirror. Razna Lake has caused many stories and narratives. They are going from generation to generation, they have been described in literature. Adolf Erss wrote beautiful story. Razna is in his dreams and novels, poetry.

Azure lake, azure far.
Looks at mirror duckweed.
Sun heaves golden sculls
In snowy boat of Heaven.
Waves string winks of life
For undeceived creature.

Rihards Rudzitis wrote: "The Mountain of Clouds kisses virginal eyes of Razna, nurses hers love songs! Nowhere our soul doesn’t feel so big like here vis-à-vis illimitable space. Soul comes here like storm, goes away like silence." After the Second Great War Mirdza Kempe has dedicated to the lake winged words:

Land was so generous,
Since gave You big field,
Heaven was so generous,
Since gave You such ewer.
You are so wide and deep,
That soul raves whiff,
You are so strict and sometimes so gentle
You glisten for Latgale, Razna.

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Everyone thinks that his homeland is the most beautiful, the best one. The territory of recreation centre Razna also is interesting for many people because of Latgalian see sights. Everyone here feels something unusual and lovable. For hundred of centuries history have changed. It refers to each of us, territory of recreation centre Razna is not exception – it belonged to old-believers family Sinicins from beginning of 20th century till beginning of sixties. At these times this family was the richest in all Rezekne district. For each this plot was winsome, because there is beautiful nature landscape and legendary Makonkalns.

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Times change and this ground became the property of GOSSNAB. Minister Valdemars Krons at sixties begin intensive construction of summer houses for seasonal recreation (starting with May till 1st September). People started to call this place “Kronshtat”, because of minister’s name and actions.

At seventies by the side of summer houses appeared one more building. At the ground floor of this building was refectory, on the first floor – billiards and cinema. At weekends very often there were weddings, jubilees, concerts, banquets on the first floor of building. It was zenith as for tourists, as for locals, because in period of socialism recreation complex was famous not only in Latvia, but in all USSR – there were many popular people and tourists from Leningrad (Sankt-Peterburg), Moscow and so on. For example, popular world champion of chess Mihail Tals loved this place.

There were 20 houses at these times. Each house had one boat, that is why tourists loved fishing and afterwards they smoked fishes. There were some days, when special buss brought tourists to the forest to mushroom and berry. There were special children playgrounds, swings and so on. Each felt here comfortable recreation and enjoyed nature gifts.

At the beginning of nineties there were big recensions in territory of recreation complex. Summer houses was sold and brought to places of people who bought them. Territory was free of houses to start new period of recreation complex. There was left only refectory and cinema building to renovate it for new owner.
In 23rd May, 1991 developed renovating work project for recreation complex “Razna”. This project intended to demolish old objects and start to build the new ones. New project involved building of dwelling-houses, also building of office-block with shop, cinema and personal repose rooms, repose and service centre, boat station, transformer substation, but it was planed to rebuild refectory as restaurant-café. It was planed that here can repose 106 people at the same time.

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In 1992 up to 1994 in that territory was intensive building, which was ordered by Holding company “Latvian metal”. Unfortunately building work was not finished. Situation was – 21 not finished objects.

In 11th August, 2000 recreation base “Razna” have been sold to "Letgola", Ltd. Starting with 11th October was developed building and architecture of base.

Before building this territory was characterized like ground on which there are not finished houses and its basements, where relief is not level and bushes and trees grows. Overall territory is good for building.

 Stage of “Letgola”, Ltd. back to top

The aim of "Letgola", Ltd. was build in region of Latgale near Razna lake coast repose centre for health and sport, rehabilitation as for Latvian people, as foreign guests. Big role in achieving this aim was environment of Razna Lake. It coincides to all types of resting – walking, horse ridings, tours with bicycles and boats.

There were 2 variants of conception of guest placement in health and sport:

1st variant – organization of living-rooms and incorporating them in nature landscape. Like cottages, which are build from natural materials. Interior of cottages is in unison with natural raw materials (flax, potteries, decorative elements), which Latgale is famous for. It would be universal complex with a bear bar, restaurant and pub (with national kitchen) in folksy style.

2nd variant – it would be four star hotel with all services of repose complex.
In centre of Health-sport was planed wide spectra of repose services (winter – summer):

• repose in nature, in countryside, forest, near lake;
• repose near water and in water;
• sport base on water and coast;
• repose places for collective events;
• big choice of games and relaxations;
• complex of procedures of recovery; 
• children game and repose centre.

It would be reason to make in different ways, aspects:

• conferences, assemblies, drum-up for social organizations and parties;
• events of governmental structures;
• celebrations of jubilees – in organizations, firms or for private persons;
• sport olympiad, trainings of sport federation;
• reception of Latvian and foreign tourism groups;
• festivals, concerts, competitions.

Project of "Letgola", Ltd. unfortunately was not realized.

 Stage of “E&D”, Ltd. back to top

In 16th July, 2003 real property of "Letgola", Ltd. (5,6 hectares) becomes a property of private persons. New owners at first thought to build repose villas for themselves, where they can spend weekends, and adjust territory, which for recent 10 years become unrecognizable. By the reconstruction project of architect Andris Vitols, building of seventies, where was refectory and cinema, was renovated for needs of private person. Today this building has 2 floors, it is modern entertainment house "Ezerpriedes", which is used for different types of events, celebrities, conferences and presentations. Before it this building was renovated like repose villa, on the 1st floor there was private performer’s studio. One of outside walls was made as an alpinist wall by order of villa’s owner. This was built 2 month and it was 7 m high. Each stone on this wall was carefully fortified on metal ingots, which was specially selected for relief and size. The second floor of this building is really amazing – on panoramic terrace everyone feels like in big ship, because you can see wide sight of “Latgalian see” or Razna lake nature. Ground floor brings you real relaxation of trivial round because of billiards, exclusive sauna, swimming pool and fireplace hall. For big potential demands and deficit of recreation places private persons decided to ground Holding company named "E&D" ( „E & D”). The aim of this company is to offer on this territory recreation possibilities.

 Stage of Holding company "Raznas priedes" . back to top

At 17th september, 2004 Holding company „Raznas priedes” was registered as owner of turism recreation centre "Razna".

New stage started – recreation centre "Razna" continue building of villas, administrative house building and other kind of renovation works as well as cleaning of environment to offer tourists the best:

Entertainment house “Ezerpriedes";
Grill house;
Boat rent;
Sport playgrounds and other.

Everything is advised by details to allow everyone to enjoy recreation, different ways of active recreation and ceremonial events.
On 4th June, 2005 in recreation centre "Razna" come first guests, which celebrate here their wedding day. Vilnis Buholcovs and Lana Kolpakova became a married couple on the coast of dreamlike lake Razna near by cross of flowers. Some villas were not yet finished, but it doesn’t trouble wedding guests to enjoy the best what offers recreation centre "Razna".

In September 2005 was completely finished building of 6 villas, but in December of that year recreation centre "Razna" became all season recreation centre, because there was hooked up central heating.

At this moment in recreation centre goes on intensive building. At June 2006 it will provide 23 new, comfortable double hotel rooms. There will be café in entertainment house “Ezerpriedes”.

At this moment recreation centre “Razna” is proud of category of four star, which was awarded to it in 8th of Februar, 2006.

Spectra of recreation centre service offers has grown in recent time. Now everyone can enjoy sights of nature, beauty of Razna lake and recreation on water as well as get pleasure from different events and colective celebrations.

The Holding company “Raznas priedes” realized and at this moment complete possibilities of recreation and relaxation for anyone to get everything he wants:

conferences, banquets;
drum-ups of social organizations;
ceremonial events (weddings, jubilees and so on) ;
corporative celebrities ;
reception of latvian and foreign tourist groups as well as individual clients;
sports events;

Everything is possible now. Of course there is a lot of work to do in the future:

to offer more possibilities in sport grounds;
to project and build a restaurant;
in perspective – small landing field.

Today so many things are done and in such a short time. In all that job people have invested so many works and love for each to feel here comfortable and good. We wish that anyone, who doesn`t know Razna, could meet it in all its beauty and open to it heart. Because Razna is so multifarious like currents of people generations, which will stay with this land, winds and waters, with morning sun and midnight moon at the sky of Makonkalns by many centuries forth.