Recreation centre «Razna» - Questions
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Are there any surfing possibilities?

Yes, the waves of Razna lake are good for surfing.

Is it possible to accommodate guests with little children?

Yes, there is a possibility to rent a children's bed at the administrator.

Catering service

We offer restaurant Latgale” producer’s service to lay the tables and service to our clients ((+371) - 26164444, ).

Fishing possibility

There is a great fishing possibility on the bank of Razna, you can use your own fishing utensils or rent a boat and fishing utensils. It is also possible to buy a fishing licence here.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card?

Is it possible to accommodate with pets?

Unfortunately no.

Is it possible to rest at your recreation centre during the winter?

Yes, all our houses are with central heating.

What is the swimming place like on the bank of Razna?

The bank of Razna on the recreation centre territory is with a picturesque view, clean water, it is sandy but some places are with stones. For comfortable swimming long footbridges are organized on the bank of the lake, as well as night lighting, which gives the opportunity to observe the sunset or swim at night.